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Double Chamber Models

These Machines Will Increase Your Production

Double chamber vacuum sealers, also often referred to as dual chamber vacuum sealers, as the name implies are like two machines in one housing. Some dual units feature two lids and two entirely separate vacuum cavities. However, the most common type of double chamber machines are the swing lid units. These machines feature either two separate vacuum cavity areas or one large flat working deck and one lid that is swung back and forth between the vacuum working spaces. This design offers the most efficient production throughput as it minimizes downtime by keeping operators busy unloading and reloading one side of the vacuum workspace while the machine is cycling the other side. This high throughput capability is a very important part of why the double chamber models have become known as the “workhorse” of vacuum chamber sealer models. When this is combined with high quality construction and high quality, high performance vacuum pumps you have an industrial machine that is ready for high volume vacuum sealing operations and extra heavy use (two 8 hour shifts per day) So whether your product is a food related, an electronic related product needing to be dry-packed or anything in between a double/dual chamber vacuum sealer will get the job done and increase your productivity.

If you are looking for a machine that can reach extremely high vacuum pressures or perhaps reach normal vacuum packaging pressures extremely fast or maybe you have a very large product you need to vacuum package, then we encourage you to take a look at IMPAK’s custom machine capabilities.

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