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 NOTICE: "In-Stock" items are NOT ready for immediate shipment! Machines are built-to-order, in the USA. Call ahead for estimated dates. For large machines like this that may require crating, we will follow up with you to collect a more accurate freight cost for the order.


While we manufacture and stock many different models of heat and vacuum sealers, we know that the need arises for some custom products. We have both the technical and engineering capability to create the specific machine for your particular and unique requirements. Our seal lengths range from 8" - 96". Our optional features can include, but are not limited to, PLC utilization, advanced vacuum controls, high-flow and multi-stage venturi  systems, and many more. Most of the time, the question is not IF we can do it, but rather HOW FAST can you get it done.

Custom Heat Sealers From 8" to 96"

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