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Not to be confused with Food Saver style vacuum bags, these Superpoly™ bags are designed for use with chamber / nozzle style sealers.

Standard Nozzle Vacuum Sealers

Using the small motorize nozzle, these systems are able to seal around the nozzle as it removes air from the interior before being slide out. Quick and easy.

Chamber Vacuum Sealers

These are designed to suction air out of the pouch while modifying the chamber interior pressure to facilitate less room in the pouch.


8.5" x 13.0" OD, Transparent Food-Grade, Hotfill Capable Pouch with 0.25" seals; Made using our Superpoly™ material, these deliver high barrier properties to hold a vacuum seal,


Fill Format 

Fill through top. REQUIRES SEALER. 

Material: PAKVAC4.04.0 mil (60 gauge Biaxially oriented nylon/ linear low density polyethylene)

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Physical Properties 6 mil Poly Superpoly
Thickness (mil) 6 4
WVTR (grams/100 sq. in. * 24 hours) 1.2 0.26
OTR (cc/100 * 24 hours) 506.5 4.25
Boilable No Yes
Tensile Strength (psi) 1700 - 2100 7160
Haze (%) 5 - 8.5 15.6


8.5" x 13.0" OD Superpoly Vacuum Seal Pouch; 500/case - V4R08513

  • $47.48

  • 2 or more $45.50
  • 5 or more $43.50
  • 10 or more $41.50