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Machine Safety Options

Each Gramatech sealer is made with safety first in mind. With standard electrical and mechanical safety features, we also offer extra safety options for more specialized production lines. We understand how important both operator safety, and the safety record of the project is, and build equipment to mitigate that risk as much as possible.


e-stop option on vacuum sealer e-stop option on vacuum sealer highlighted

This E-Stop box can be added to your machine for an additional emergency stop button that can be mounted outside the machine. Unlike the stock emergency stop button on the machine that cuts power from the machine itself, the E-Stop system will pause the production and release seal jaws until the button is released. Great for situations where you need a backup stop button for redundant safety measures. While we hope no one has to use this feature, we are proud to offer it as an added bit of security.

Cost is dependent on machine model. Ask Us for more information.

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