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Gramatechs Clamp type impulse sealers are available in a range of sizes from 6” to 26”.  These versatile units will provide you with years of top quality performance.  Our units work well with a wide variety of polyethylene, laminated foil and other barrier films.  Ready to use right out of the box, just plug and go.  The Operation is simple, squeeze the handle and push the button – you’re done.  These sealers are great when working with large covers or odd shapes such as furniture or packing crates.  A real sturdy unit with many options. 

  • Power – 115 vac – 15 amp and up depending on options
  • Seal Length 8” – 26”(203 – 660 mm)
  • Seal Width – standard - .25”(6.25mm)
  • Seal Temperature – 275 – 300 F(135 – 149 C)


  • 1/8, 3/16/1/4 and ½” seal widths
  • 220 V operation
  • Hot or cold cut wire
  • Single or double heat
  • Quick disconnect cable 

Hand Held – Clamp Type

  • $890.00

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